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    Trend | 2023/24 Autumn and Winter China Key Color

    Author:admin Click:825 Date:2023-10-7 15:53:32

    The colorful green theme has always occupied an important position in the layout. Laurel Leaf Green is a fresh yet modern soft olive green that echoes consumers' desire to be close to nature and the growing trend of outdoor time. This color can bring a soft and healing feeling to the basic series, reflecting an intimate connection with nature.


    It is also suitable for indoor design spaces that focus on healing the atmosphere, or for color schemes used in home textiles and bathroom to create a comfortable home experience. The beauty market can try to incorporate this color into the makeup palette, or use it as an avant-garde color tone for skincare and shower products.

    Rich autumn day paired with warm colors


    Under the continuous influence of the optimistic personality theme, the bright colors in winter become popular, and this set of color plates has a strong autumn atmosphere, with vibrant dopamine tones playing a role in boosting emotions.

    Utilizing colors such as sundial yellow, lighthouse orange, and elegant crimson to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere, eye-catching design techniques such as contrasting colors, stripes, and gradients bring updates to the item. Plant elements are used as decoration and printing, blending with the natural attributes of laurel leaf green, neutralizing the strong visual experience brought by the rich warm color system, and enhancing the daily practical properties of the color plate.

    Healing Forest paired with Healing Color


    The pursuit of long-lasting and durable colors by consumers has led to a new trend in the use of Mingjing powder wax tones. Light pink colors are suitable for creating a soft and beautiful female style, and the combination of natural green tones and simple neutral colors caters to consumers' pursuit of comfort and healing.

    The color scheme of this theme has a strong cross season style, suitable for both men and women. It is recommended to use long-term colors such as bay leaf green, oat milk, and chalk as the base color, and incorporate Italian custard color to add a touch of brightness to the color palette. Suitable for modern style minimalist silhouettes, creating commercial and fashionable shirts and knitted clothing. The combination of clay powder, pearl grey, and leaf laurel green can also create a sweet and beautiful style.

    Shadow Jungle with Dark Darkness


    The inspiration for this color tone comes from the chaotic swamp in the twin theme of 2023/24 Autumn/Winter Trend Prediction. Nature continues to inspire in various forms, presenting a more rugged and dark design concept before our eyes. At the same time, it also demonstrates the complex emotions of consumers in the context of environmental crisis and turbulence.

    Midnight blue, black, and rich rust colors establish the dark emotional tone of the color plate, while green and silver gray collide to create a strong visual effect that caters to the avant-garde trend. Suitable for creating casual outdoor attire and a must-have style for young people. Natural swamps inspire camouflage, striped, and distorted dyeing inspiration, and it is recommended to use natural dyes to highlight environmental themes.